Will You Be Selling Your Home Soon?

Here’s just a few of the many values that Mike Clark and my team at F. C. Tucker Company, Inc. have to offer you.

  • I will advertise your home in the next issue of Tucker’s Exclusive Tucker Talks Homes.
  • I will have a professionally filmed Virtual Tour of your home activated and available to be viewed by prospective buyers (local and soon-to-be-relocated home buyers) looking for homes on the internet. Your virtual tour will be up and running within a few days.
  • I will personally distribute flyers regarding your home to the Top 650 Tucker Realtors in Indianapolis – the same Realtors that will be representing over 30% of the Buyers and Sellers in Indianapolis.
  • If you desire, an Open House on your home will be held within the next three weeks by me, one of my team members, or another Tucker associate in order to stimulate additional market activity on your home.

What Does This Mean To You?

  • By advertising in Tucker Talks Homes magazine, your home will be advertised in over 25,000 magazines distributed monthly to prospective home buyers at over 350 Indianapolis locations.
  • My Virtual Tour on your home will provide tremendous additional exposure to your home through its availability at www.TalkToTucker.com. Tucker’s web site averages over 4 million annual web searches and provides links to numerous other internet web sites giving your home the maximum exposure available.
  • F. C. Tucker’s Realtors represent over 30% of the real estate market share in Indianapolis. In fact, for homes valued over $100,000, F. C. Tucker’s market share is greater than the next top 3 real estate companies combined. Our 2003 sales were in excess of $2.7 billion.
  • The fact that over 650 of the top full-time Realtors at F. C. Tucker Company who represent over 30% of the market will receive a personal flyer on your home definitely stimulates much greater exposure and potential interest in your home quickly.
  • These are but a few of the many marketing activities that I utilize as I represent my buying and selling clients.